1.1 The customer has the right to return any Product unless it is customized, such as permanent marking forms, specific colors or fittings made at Customer's request, etc.

Returns must be accomplished within a maximum of five(5) business days from the date of arrival of the Product(s).

The returned Product(s) must be correctly packed in perfect condition. You must obligatorily attach a duly completed return form and a copy of the receipt and purchase invoice, to the following address:

Casa do Passadiço, Lda.

Largo de S. João do Souto

4700-326 Braga, Portugal

The customer must ship the Product(s) properly Packaged and assume the cost of shipping. Customer must keep the shipping document. Casa do Passadiço, Lda. Withholds full responsibility for the loss or damage that may occur during the transportation of the Product (s) returned on behalf of the Customer.

1.2 The return implies the refund of the amount paid by the Customer, after deducting the amount of shipping costs from Casa do Passadiço, Lda. In order to refund the amount due to the Customer, the Customer must indicate his Interbank NIB on the return form, so that Casa do Passadiço, Lda can proceed with no additional cost the refund process. If the customer understands that the amount due should be repaid by other means, if possible, Casa do Passadiço, Lda will do so. However, it shall deduct from the refund due the amount of the cost arising from such means of refund. The maximum refund period will be ten (10) business days after receipt of the return order.

1.3 Casa do Passadiço, Lda, does not accept returns that are not prepared in the original packaging; when the Product(s) is not in its original state of preservation or when it is a Custom Product.

1.4 The right of return may not be exercised when the Product(s) at Customer's request has been customized, such as permanent marking forms, colors, specific fittings, etc. In these cases, Casa do Passadiço, Lda, accepts the return only if there is an error on our part or if there is a production defect. However, in these cases the return must have the consent of Casa do Passadiço, Lda.