About Casa do Passadiço

Casa do Passadiço - interiors was born in 1992, when Catarina Rosas opened the showroom based in Braga, Portugal, in a XVIII th century Manor House and founded the atelier with the same name.

Her daughters Cláudia and Catarina Soares Pereira soon joined her and the atelier started its work of architecture and interior design, mainly in Portugal.

Nowadays, the atelier is proud to have works not only in Lisbon, Estoril, Porto and Algarve, but also in Paris, London, Florence, Milan, Miami, Moscow, LA and New York. Currently the atelier has more than 20 projects underway, from high-end private residences to commercial spaces in Europe , Middle East and USA.

The atelier is honoured to be the recipient of copious design awards suchs as The International Property Awards in London in 2012, The International Design Awards ( IDA) in Los Angeles in 2013 both for a commercial project and the Yacht and Aviation Awards in 2014 with the design of a luxurious private yacht. 

The studio specialized in projecting luxurious high-end interiors and architecture of private residences, yachts and public spaces.

The style of the interior designers Cláudia and Catarina Soares Pereira is of a contemporary elegance and discreet luxury. Their works are known to be sophisticated, elegant and simultaneously confortable.

Casa do Passadiço, the building,  is a Manor House that was built in the historical city centre of Braga, in the north of Portugal, in the beginings of the XVI th century but there are studies that prove that its roots date back to 1471. 

The House suffered several changes through times, being the XVIIII th century the most defining of what is today in terms of architecture.

To highlight its sumptuous staircase, one of the most important of the city, its chapel with frescoes and also the centenary trees of its garden.

The house was restored in the 90's by its owner, Catarina Rosas, that had the concern to mantain its original architecture features, being today an historical reference of the City.

Casa do Passadiço, the showroom:

Casa do Passadiço, The 1000m2 privileged space is the place created by Catarina Rosas, Cláudia and Catarina Soares Pereira to display their creations and ambiances, and is also their work space, where they project together with their team of designers and architects.

The space reflects the lifestyle and taste of the interior designers: an historical building full of their own personal selection of furniture created by the team and also from the most exclusive contemporary international brands and designers, pieces of art, unique objects and antiques all picked personally all over the world and harmoniously presented together in this historical space.